The Art of Treating the Whole Child.

Our Collaborator, Kelsey Zellmer

Kelsey Zellmer RN, IBCLC

Kelsey’s innate interest in newborns began in college when she began specializing in newborn and infant care and her passion soon blossomed into a career as a postpartum registered nurse followed by her current role as an IBCLC (lactation consultant). Through her work in a hospital, local birth center, and encounters in her own personal life, she has witnessed and felt the need for more overall prenatal and postpartum support of mothers. She believes breastfeeding support starts with supporting the mom/baby “dyad” as a whole. A mother must feel safe, supported, and have her basic needs met in order to best care for her little one.


Kelsey believes that every mother is on her own unique journey through motherhood. In a culture and world that does not always cherish the beauty and sacredness of motherhood, she feels blessed to have the opportunity to help educate and empower women to embrace motherhood and all it has to offer. Her practice, “Lactation + Littles”, stems from her passion to provide not only breastfeeding support, education, and community, but also support to families through the transition of bringing their  new “little one” home and navigating through the first year of life. 


Kelsey goes beyond basic lactation support so that every mother who truly desires to breastfeed is able to overcome the early obstacles on her journey and fully experience the beautiful bond and gift of health for her and her child. Kelsey loves giving back to her community by hosting breastfeeding mom support groups to provide moms a safe place to share their stories and cultivate relationships. She believes it truly does “take a village” to not just survive but thrive, and prays that every mother finds hers here! Kelsey Zellmer lives in McKinney with her wonderfully supportive husband, Grant, and their three children: Noelle, Gabriel, and Asher.

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Kelsey at Beyond Pediatric Dentistry

Kelsey serves as Beyond Pediatric Dentistry’s “baby nurse” getting to know each little one who enters our doors to be evaluated for frenectomy. She provides a source of support when deciding whether to breast or bottle feed your baby. We collaborate not only as a team in the office, but also with other local providers to create an individualized plan of care to achieve the best outcomes for you and your little one.



Kelsey Zellmer, RN, IBCLC offers in-office visits at Beyond Pediatric Dentistry every Monday and Thursday for moms seeking lactation help who would also like their infant’s oral restrictions (tongue and lip tie) evaluated for possible need of a laser frenectomy. Kelsey has a cozy little lactation room in the Beyond Pediatric Dentistry office where she conducts a 1 hour lactation consultation followed by an evaluation of your infant’s “ties” by Dr. Damon or Dr. Loria who are happy to answer any questions you may have. This time-saving approach allows patients to have their child fully evaluated in one convenient location. You will leave with a summary of our recommendations and resources for you to review so that you can take as much time as you need to decide on the best plan for you and your little one.



Please contact our office at 972-808-6825 to set up a consultation or visit Lactation + Littles for more information.