Creating a path to wellness by looking beyond the teeth

Healthy teeth and gums go hand in hand with healthy breathing. Properly developed jaws lead to restful, rejuvenating sleep. We love hearing parents telling us that things are getting better at home.

Dr. Carla & Dr. Loria both had children with undiagnosed tongue ties.  Personal experience drove them to become highly trained in both diagnosing and treating tethered oral tissues.


Tongue & lip ties can cause frustrating setbacks for families.  Symptoms can range all the way from breastfeeding difficulties to “unexplained” growth & development problems. 


It’s frustrating when a baby struggles to nurse but TRULY HEARTBREAKING when Mom is told (or assumes) that the problem is with her and gives up on breastfeeding altogether.


We can help.

We Hear It From Parents All of The Time…

“We had no idea that the problems were related to sleep and breathing. They are a different kid. The work you have done has brought peace back into our home.”


“You gave us our family back.”


Optimal facial growth guidance can lead to healthier jaw joints, an optimized airway, habitual nasal breathing, fewer cavities and restful restorative sleep for kids. When kids are thriving, Moms & Dads find more joy in parenting.


Because 75% of facial growth has occurred by age 5 or 6, we want to start guiding jaw growth and development as early as we can. Even infants can enjoy the benefits of age appropriate myofunctional trainers.

Our learning lab helps children take responsibility for their dental wellness AND get excited about their overall health.

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