The Art of Treating the Whole Child.

Oral Hygiene and General Pediatric Dentistry

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“When it comes to cleanings, toothaches, decay, fillings, gum health and oral screenings, our recipe for success is made up of the best ingredients: state of the art technology, world class training and healthy doses of patience, compassion and light heartedness.”

Good Oral Hygiene Starts with Prevention

Our team here at Beyond Pediatric Dentistry is committed to changing how children view and feel about their dental and overall health. We are geared towards prevention, wellness, and a lifetime of healthy habits. We promote our hands-on learning lab to help kids understand how to take care of their teeth, decrease dental decay, and avoid inflammatory diseases that are linked to systemic diseases. It is our privilege to take the time necessary to partner with each child to discover their own unique potential and to explore health in a new way. We specialize in inspiring and empowering children and it shows in everything we do.


How do we accomplish this? We recommend early dental visits to help parents understand the role of diet and brushing and the impact nutrition and oral hygiene can have on preventing decay. If signs of dental decay are noticed, we have many tools that we utilize to help slow the process and/or even stop the progression of the decay. Should your child need a filling or a crown, we are excited to offer cleaner dental products that are more bio-compatible including BPA free filling materials. We have all white Zirconia Crowns as an alternative option to stainless steel crowns.

Some Kids Are Afraid of the Dentist

Being scared of something new is natural. Dr. Carla and Dr. Loria put a lot of effort into earning the trust of the kids. They build this trust by really getting to know each child and making sure nothing they do surprises them. Every tool that goes in their mouth has the name of a fun character – Mr. Thirsty and Nemo are two favorites. If it takes a little extra time for your little one to get comfortable, they will take as much time as they need to help them relax. Beyond Pediatric Dentistry even uses digital impressions – no goop in their little mouths which means no gagging or choking.

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Infant & Toddler Oral Health at Beyond Pediatric Dentistry

Beyond Pediatric Dentistry welcomes children of all ages; however, we love it when we are introduced to newborns and infants. It is at this pivotal age that we can be most effective as dentists and jump start healthy growth and development for your child.

Many parents ask why should my 1-year-old come to the dentist? They only have eight teeth? Here at Beyond Pediatric Dentistry, we look beyond the teeth. So many other important things are going on in the oral cavity that help shape how your child will grow and develop. We want to make the biggest impact possible by getting acquainted with your child’s mouth and overall health as early on in their development as possible.

School Aged & Adolescent Oral Health at Beyond Pediatric Dentistry

This is when children start becoming more independent and less reliant on their parents. They begin to master skills that they have already been taught. Dietary and oral hygiene habits need to be reinforced at this age to help keep a child healthy and happy.



Our goal here at Beyond Pediatric Dentistry is to get children to take responsibility of their own health. Through time in the learning lab, your child will gain all the proper skills from flossing to brushing to making healthy food choices that will benefit them throughout adulthood.

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